Staying Cool in the Heat

Staying Cool in the Heat

After a long 6 years of donning the same set of uniforms, the Club decided that a fresh look would do the brand and its staff some good. National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) wanted their staff to look cheerful, friendly, smart and approachable.


At the same time they needed to be dressed comfortably as most of their frontline Customer Service Officers, technicians, mechanics, buggy stewards, lifeguards, course marshals, fitness instructors and green specialists work in a non-air conditioned environment.


CYC recommended the use of fabrics that are breathable and easy to care for. The cap sleeve blouse helps the CSO to feel cool and yet look smart. Uniforms for the staff working on the golf course and pool area are specially designed with a micro mini mesh fabric knitted with cotton on the underside, to wick away perspiration while keeping them cool.

“I like the new uniform better as it looks more professional and it is of a nicer colour than the previous one!”

Radiating with life, NSRCC’s staff members, from Customer Service Officers to Golf Marshalls, and Technicians to Security Officers, returned with affirmation of their endorsement of the new set of uniforms. CYC is honoured to work with the National Service Resort & Country Club throughout this entire journey and to play a part in contributing to the brand and its greatest resource – the people.

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